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Jordan Klineman, Founder & President
Jordan Klineman is the founder of Virtual Gallerie and its managing director. He is in charge of client, partner, and technology relationships. Jordan was previously the Director of Business Development at Pulse, Inc., where he worked with Internet and entertainment companies such as NBC, Warner Brothers, Cisco and Sun to incorporate Pulse technologies. He also managed Pulse's website implementation, formed strategic partnerships, and developed new business strategies. Jordan has ten years of technology sales experience. He holds an MBA from the University of San Francisco, and a BA in English and Art History from Dartmouth College.

Jantje Boichel, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Jantje Boichel is the Company's chief programmer and product developer. Jantje manages all of the company's product design, integration, and continuing development. Prior to joining Virtual Gallerie, Jantje was a lead scripting engineer at Pulse for two-plus years. He also most recently was the production engineer and Pulse technical director for a Pulse-based math-teaching game for 6-year-olds, for www.learningfriends.com. Prior to working at Pulse he was a Quality Assurance Engineer at Adobe Systems, Inc, where he worked on After Effects, both testing the product and developing QA database systems. Jantje has also worked at Macromedia on QA and production services, and at Xaos Tools, Inc. He holds a BA from Brown University in Art-Semiotics, with a focus on film.

Mark Yahiro, Chief Technical Advisor
Mark Yahiro is the former President of Pulse, Inc. the company whose technology powers Virtual Gallerie's applications. Mark provides technological, strategic, and financial advice and planning for the Company. He joined Pulse from Hitachi PC, where he was Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Business Development. In 1993, Mark secured the first commercial license of Mosaic (the prototype for Netscape's first commercial Web browser) for the Santa Cruz Operation, where the company launched one of the first consumer Internet applications in partnership with Pizza Hut. In the 80s, Yahiro was a lead engineer at AT&T Bell Laboratories. He holds a software engineering degree from the University of Illinois and an MBA from DePaul University. Previous to his engineering studies, Mark trained at the Art Institute of Chicago.